Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft has released a OneDrive sync app for Windows on Arm and Apple’s M1 Macs for its cloud-based storage service. The public preview of the updated OneDrive app is available as an opt-in download for both Windows on Arm and macOS, and allows the app to run natively on these devices.

This should improve the performance of the OneDrive sync app, as the OneDrive process will no longer run emulated on Windows on Arm. The jump to 64-bit is also useful for OneDrive users with lots of files or large files.

Microsoft’s OneDrive support for Apple’s M1 Macs and Windows on Arm comes after Dropbox revealed it’s testing its own native app. Dropbox is currently supported on Apple’s M1 Macs through Rosetta, but an updated app is arriving next…

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