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Microsoft just announced new ad formats to be shown at the top of search results in Bing Search, Windows 11, and Microsoft Start. The new video and image formats are “infographic-inspired,” meant to “innovate and disrupt web search.”
What they look like. The new ad formats are collages of videos and images shown at the top of search results. On the right side, the search result is expanded and opens to a bigger window so the user never needs to click off the page.
Multimedia ad
Interactive search results
Infographic-inspired experiences
News and topics of interest
Early adopters of Multimedia Ads. Microsoft tested Multimedia Ads on a few brands before their official release. With these tests, brands were able to see
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Best practices for advertisers. Microsoft suggests some best practices and general guidelines for those thinking about taking advantage of the new formats.
Read the announcement. You can read the full announcement from Microsoft as well as review their case studies here.
Why we care. Whether you’re currently advertising on Microsoft or not, Multimedia Ads are worth a try. Brands can stand out by creating more engaging and appealing experiences on a platform that’s rather underutilized. Those looking for new ways to expand their reach or opt for a cheaper strategy may find success with Microsoft.
The new ad formats do look a lot like Pinterest, but brands could see increased click and engagement rates from the new formats. However, competition for the new formats will be expensive.
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