Microsoft announces Windows 11 SE, a new Chrome OS competitor

WIN22 Hybrid Learning 11SE 008.0

Windows 11 SE is a new edition of Windows for students. | Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has created a new edition of Windows 11 designed for students and schools. Windows 11 SE will ship exclusively on low-cost laptops that are built for K-8 classrooms, and it marks another attempt by Microsoft to take on Google’s range of Chromebooks and their popularity in US schools.

Microsoft has struggled to understand why schools and students have flocked to Chromebooks. The company tried an S Mode previously that essentially locked Windows 10 down to apps from the Microsoft Store. The restriction was more of an irritation for end users and schools, as there weren’t enough apps available in the Microsoft Store for it to make sense.

Image: Microsoft

Windows 11 SE comes with all the key Microsoft 365…

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