Metroid Dread feels right at home on Nintendo’s new OLED Switch

metroid dread feels right at home on nintendo’s new oled switch

The most impressive feature in Nintendo’s new Switch model is its seven-inch OLED screen, giving games more vivid-looking colors and deeper contrast. It also has an improved kickstand that’s more functional and versatile than the one on the default Switch. But what’s a new system launch without a killer app? I was able to play the first 90 minutes of Metroid Dread, and not only does it look like it was worth the 19-year-long wait for a sequel to Metroid Fusion, but it might also be the ideal showcase for Nintendo’s new OLED Switch.

Dread is coming to the Switch on October 8th, 2021, the same day as Nintendo’s latest iteration of the tablet / console hybrid. There are many games that I’m looking forward to trying with the OLED screen, but…

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