Meta CTO thinks bad metaverse moderation could pose an ‘existential threat’

meta cto thinks bad metaverse moderation could pose an ‘existential threat’

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Meta (formerly Facebook) CTO Andrew Bosworth warned employees that creating safe virtual reality experiences was a vital part of its business plan — but also potentially impossible at a large scale.

In an internal memo seen by Financial Times, Bosworth apparently said he wanted Meta virtual worlds to have “almost Disney levels of safety,” although spaces from third-party developers could have looser standards than directly Meta-built content. Harassment or other toxic behavior could pose an “existential threat” to the company’s plans for an embodied future internet if it turned mainstream consumers off VR.

At the same time, Bosworth said policing user behavior “at any meaningful scale is practically impossible.” FT reporter Hannah Murphy…

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