Matter was a major star at CES 2022, but can it maintain its shine?

matter was a major star at ces 2022

Samsung touted its plans for Matter compatibility in its pre-show keynote at CES 2022. | Screenshot by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy

Two years ago, on the floor of CES 2020, there was a lot of buzz about a chip — not the latest AMD or Intel announcement, but a new alliance of major tech companies that called itself Project Connected Home over IP, or CHIP for short. Its promise was to develop an open-source smart home standard that would make every connected home device work together, simply and securely, regardless of who made them. The buzz was: “That’s never gonna happen.”

Fast forward to CES 2022 (yeah, we all skipped 2021) and Matter — as CHIP is now called — was the darling of the show, with a full dance card and a line of admirers that stretched to the virtual Starbucks.

Practically every smart home device announcement this week had the tagline “and we announce…

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