Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes to Game Pass this week

mass effect legendary edition comes to game pass this week


Game Pass is starting the new year off strong with the announcement that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be among the first games to arrive on the service in January. The alien dating simulator cleverly disguised as an epic space opera trilogy arrives on Game Pass console and PC on January 6th. So if you’ve ever wondered what a Garrus Vakarian is and why people are so obsessed with wooing what looks like a rock-plated chicken lizard, now’s your chance.

Other titles coming to Game Pass in January include roguelike cave explorer Spelunky 2, the award-winning, time-warping Outer Wilds, and a preview of the four-person co-op shooter The Anacrusis.

Coming with the enthusiastic endorsement of The Verge’s Andrew Webster, Gorogoa, a…

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