Are you finding it increasingly difficult to make sense of the MCU timeline due to the sheer number of different timelines and parallel universes? Well, it looks like you’re not alone in your confusion, but hey, at least we know the producers were self-aware when they titled the second Doctor Strange movie The Multiverse of Madness.
Ever since the Infinity Saga concluded and Marvel acquired the rights to some of its off-limits superheroes, including the X-Men ensemble, Kevin Feige and co. have opted to expand the interconnected cinematic narrative into branching storylines that each represented a side of the multiverse. While this admittedly paves the path for exciting possibilities and even more bone-chilling cameos, MCU fans have been left to make sense of this complexity without any canonical guide.
Well, not anymore, as one viewer has seen fit to make a really useful infographic on the MCU multiverse and explain how these warring timelines work in respect to one another. We’re not alone in praising this effort, as many fans are also hailing it as the guide the MCU needs and adding notes of their own.
Things get even more complicated when you factor in the inclusion of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s respective Spider-Man universes. But when it comes down to it, apparently every Earth has a name and every timeline can be categorized into a cohesive chronological order.
There has recently been a lot of debate about whether Marvel Studios is losing its thunder following some of the misfires in Phase Four, and the complicated nature of the multiverse is not helping matters either. We can only hope that all of these intercutting stories are building up to something as before, or else why would we even bother to learn the intricacies of these different timelines?