Marvel embraces the Sad Wolverine meme to announce X-Men ‘97, a new animated Disney Plus show

marvel embraces the sad wolverine meme to announce x-men ‘97

The classic X-Men: The Animated Series is getting a sequel series on Disney Plus in 2023: the newly announced X-Men ‘97, which “explores new stories in the iconic ‘90s timeline of the original series.” The announcement was made in the most fitting of fashions, of course: the “Sad Wolverine” meme from the original show.

There’s not much news on whether the original cast will be returning, although Disney did announce that Beau DeMayo will be the head writer for the upcoming show. The revival series isn’t set to debut for a few years (animation takes time!), although the original five-season run of X-Men: The Animated Series is already available to watch on Disney Plus.

The upcoming series is also set to be produced by…

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