Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out: Easy Professional Tips

make your instagram profile stand out: easy professional tips

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram generates 4x more interactions compared to Facebook. This social media helps 80% of users decide to buy a product or service, and that’s why both business and personal account holders fight tooth and nail for user engagement. Here is what you can do to win this battle.

Instagram is among the fastest-growing media platforms today. Over the years, it has gone a long way from being a favorite photo-sharing app of vacationers and food bloggers to the #1 promotional channel of influencers, brands, and advertisers of all kinds.


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This social media continues to broaden its horizons, and it becomes more and more complicated to hook and wow its audience. Users spend 53 minutes per day scrolling their Instagram feeds, and it’s super challenging to make them stop and pay closer attention to your profile.

In this post, you’ll find easy yet actionable tips on how to make your Instagram profile stand out in our super fast-changing world of content shock and short attention span.

Design an Outstanding Bio

According to research, people weigh you up within the first seven seconds of meeting you — and this time can be even shorter online.

That is why your Instagram username, profile picture, and short bio are supercritical for making an excellent first impression and attracting new followers. With that in mind, never underestimate the design of your Instagram bio section.

Your username goes first:

Make it recognizable and easily searchable: Use brand names for business accounts, and get creative when choosing a username for your personal Instagram account. You can try your real name and add some keywords (those relevant to your account’s topic) for potential followers to find you easier.

Design a high-quality user picture:

It’s the first thing people notice when they open your Instagram profile; so, ensure your picture is highly recognizable, bright, and of high quality.

For most business profiles, it’s a company logo for users to recognize among different channels. But you can make it stand out even more if re-designing a bit according to the seasonal trends.

Also, get creative with your Instagram bio design:

Remember to include keywords for both users and search engines to understand your profile’s niche and audience. Your contact information and the link to your target page (if any) are worth including too.

But, what’s important here, don’t be afraid of showing off your personality in the bio. Even if it’s a brand, not your personal profile, an Instagram bio with a pinch of personal touch will help it stand out.

Use emojis to space out your bio’s text, add a branded hashtag if you have one, and (again!) show your personality.

Get creative with your Instagram bio design

Design an Attractive Grid Layout

Experienced Instagram users know how to use grids to their advantage: They plan content so their every post would look like a part of a bigger picture, designing each asset with consistency in mind.

Not only does a beautiful grid make your profile look individual and eye-pleasing, but it can also communicate your message. While it may be unnecessary for individual users, such consistency and style are critical for influencers, brands, or creatives targeting a mass audience.

Getting the most out of your Instagram post template, you can design an attention-grabbing grid that will help you grow following and engagement.

Here go a few ideas:

  • Choose a color palette or a specific tone – and feature it in every Instagram photo. Examples:, @thrive_withmeg, and @sweetersocial
  • Create a checkerboard look for your grid. Like @solidstarts or
  • Design your Instagram grid row by row: Make each row of a different color or content type. Also, you can create vertical columns. Examples: @ninepointagency and @communitybreathwork

make your instagram profile stand out: easy professional tips
Source: @gregorygeipel

  • Apply borders to each image. Like @her.styling and @beautifulandyummy
  • Make your Instagram grid look like a puzzle or a rainbow. Like @ilonaverley or @planetakino

Instagram Grid Layout
Source: @nelsonmouellic

Come Up With Content Plan and Strategy

Whether your content strategy is about images or videos, it’s critical to design attractive, high-quality, exciting assets for the followers to check. Today, it’s not that challenging to do even if you have no design skills at all:

Web-based tools like Crello and others offer thousands of original Instagram post template examples to customize in a few clicks and create consistent, high-quality content for your profile.

make your instagram profile stand out: easy professional tips

When crafting your Instagram content strategy and plan, decide on the following:

  • Content types you’ll publish in the profile: quotes, personal photos, general images for inspiration, behind-the-scenes content, memes, cartoons, videos,

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