Luna Display’s latest update lets you use a Mac as a second PC display

luna display’s latest update lets you use a mac as a second pc display

Luna Display’s latest update adds a helpful new feature: allowing you to hook up a Windows PC to a Mac laptop or desktop (including Apple’s flash M1 iMacs) to use as a secondary display. The new update also enables 4K and 5K resolution options (assuming you’ve got a screen that supports it).

While Luna Display has offered Mac-to-Mac connectivity for a while, until now, users were only able to connect PCs to iPads using the company’s dongle and software setup. The new PC-to-Mac connection works both wirelessly and through an ethernet connection, just like the Mac-to-Mac option does.

Additionally, Luna Display’s update adds support for 5K and 4K monitors at full resolutions, although there are still some limitations there: PCs can only run…

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