Logitech’s latest keyboard and mouse are cute, colorful, and ready for TikTok

POP Combo LIFE Daydream 1 hand TOP.0

Typewriter-style keycaps plus five emoji-focused keys. | Image: Logitech

Logitech has a trio of colorful new peripherals coming to the US this month: a $99.99 Pop Keys keyboard, a $39.99 Pop Mouse, and a $19.99 Desk Mat. In contrast with Logitech’s usual sensibly styled and office-appropriate peripherals, these Studio Series devices are bright and cutesy. They’re each available in three color-coordinate schemes: yellow and black; pink; and purple and yellow options.

If you’ve been eyeing the kinds of colorful, typewriter-styled keyboards that have flooded TikTok in recent months but want a model from a well-known household name, then the Pop Keys could be worth a look. You can read my full impressions of the keyboard in my review or read on for a summary along with my initial impressions of the mouse.


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