Logitech reworked its G303 mouse just for Shroud, but you can buy it, too

logitech reworked its g303 mouse just for shroud

A top and bottom view of the new, wireless G303. | Logitech

Logitech has announced the G303 wireless gaming mouse. It’s a little more than just a cordless version of the G303 Daedalus mouse that the company released several years ago. Both a prolific streamer and pro gamer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek seemingly got to call the shots for how this revised version would look and feel — even down to requiring that it charged via USB-C. I doubt that he had any input on the price, though. It costs $129.99.

Logitech says that in this collaboration, it was decided by Shroud that the mouse should have “subtle markings approximating Shroud’s finger grip positions, translucent side panels to allow a window into the technology that Shroud wanted to see, and USB-C connections.”

To me, the overall shape of the…

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