Listen to the sick Mac sound effect song that Apple opened its keynote with

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Apple kicked off its MacBook Pro keynote a little differently today: with a sweet remix of classic Apple sound effects from the past 45 years of the company’s history, created by artist A. G. Cook — using Apple’s Pro Display XDR, MacBook Pro, and Logic Pro, of course.

The song itself is called “Start Up” and is a surprisingly chill listening experience. The video’s fun, too, featuring a wide array of Apple hardware from throughout the years, including old iBooks and the sadly defunct iPod Hi-Fi.

The full list of sound effects trend toward Apple’s more recent hardware, of course, but there are a few classic Easter eggs, too. The full list of sound effects, provided by Apple, is below:

  • iMac G3 startup
  • MacBook Pro startup
  • A…

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