Life360 makes millions selling location data, and it’s about to buy Tile

life360 makes millions selling location data

Life360’s marketing image of acquiring Tile is also a reminder of how much data it owns now | Image: Life360

Life360, the company that bills its product as a “family safety service,” has been selling location data on its 31 million customers — including kids — since 2016, The Markup reports.

Former employees from data broker companies told The Markup that Life360 is “one of the largest sources of data” for what has become a $12 billion phone location tracking industry. In November, the company announced it’s reached a deal to acquire the popular item tracking company Tile for $205 million and said it plans to pursue a dual public listing in the US (it’s currently listed on the Australian Securities Exchange) next year.

“Our philosophy has been first … be open with our users with what we are…

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