Image: LG Display

Would it even be a tech tradeshow without a new throne? 2020 brought us the scorpion chair, 2019 gave us the “fully-immersive” toilet, and attempts to encase gamers in their own PCs have been a thing as long as I’ve been on the beat. But LG Display has a new, more elegant take on the idea: a rotating curved 55-inch OLED TV attached to a reclining slice of chair that positions you at the sweet spot of those pixels.

Like most of LG Display’s ideas, the “Media Chair” is a concept, not a product — at least for now. LG Display tells us it’s actually working with an unnamed Korean massage chair company to bring it to market someday. “It’s being commercialized by them, they’re going to sell it,” spokesperson Matthew Weigand tells The Verge.

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