LG challenges Samsung with announcement of its own massive MicroLED TV

lg challenges samsung with announcement of its own massive microled tv

Up until now it’s largely been Samsung pushing the MicroLED display technology that many view as the eventual successor to OLED TVs — once the wildly-high prices come down, that is. But now LG is joining the fray. During its CES 2022 press conference, LG announced that its first MicroLED TVs will ship “later this year.”

Just like Samsung, LG says the modular nature of its MicroLED displays will essentially allow for any size or shape that an extremely rich client can dream up. The company didn’t really dive into specifics, but one section of the presentation showed a 136-inch 4K HDR MicroLED TV.

Image: LG

MicroLED displays can be customized to practically any size.

Not to be confused with Mini LED — an…

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