Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z-Series targets — you guessed it — Gen-Z

lenovo’s thinkpad z-series targets — you guessed it — gen-z

Lenovo’s newest ThinkPads are thin, light, and ready for the boardroom.

Lenovo is trying to make ThinkPads cool to the kids. The company has launched the ThinkPad Z-series, a thin and light ThinkPad line with funky colors, eco-friendly packaging, and a distinctly modern look.

“If you’re currently buying, especially in the business market, a consumer-look-and-feel design, this is the product you should look at,” Tom Butler, executive director of the ThinkPad portfolio, told The Verge. “We’re going to bring in all the elements of a robust business-class device, but it’s going to be in more of this consumer, progressive, modern design.”

There’s a 13-inch model (the Z13) and a 16-inch model (the Z16). Both include some of the most recognizable ThinkPad features: namely, the light-up logo and the tiny red…

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