Lenovo’s new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has an eight-inch secondary screen

lenovo’s new thinkbook plus gen 3 has an eight-inch secondary screen

Here’s the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3.

Lenovo has announced the new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, which has two (two!) screens. There’s one 17.3-inch primary screen (like, the regular one), and there’s another eight-inch screen on the keyboard deck. Various other models that have tried this form factor (namely, Asus’ gaggle of Duo products) have put the secondary screen in the back of the deck and pushed the keyboard to the front. But Lenovo has instead put the keyboard on the right side of the chassis, smushing the keyboard to the left.

While the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3’s look takes a bit of getting used to, I definitely prefer this layout to those of the Duos. You don’t have to buy a separate palm rest, and you don’t look and feel like a T. rex when you’re typing. (I know that…

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