Lego is now letting you preorder unofficial sets, including an epic Lego store

lego store bricklink.0

What do a Lego store, a beautiful abandoned windmill, a retro bowling alley, a miniature aquarium, and a pair of Venetian houses have in common? They’ve all just become incredibly limited edition Lego sets that you can preorder from the Lego company itself.

They started out as candidates for Lego’s Ideas program, got rejected, and now, they’ve been crowdfunded back to life by fans like you through a separate competition called the BrickLink Designer Program that gives creators 10 percent of the proceeds for their work — and that means you have a short window of opportunity to snap up these unofficial official sets for yourself.

And if you’ll allow me to indulge myself, they are glorious.

Atop this post, you’ll spot the $179.99 Modular…

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