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Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO and chief hiveologist of Hiveologie—a division of Learning Library, Inc.—has been working in the real estate e-learning realm for nearly 25 years, now creating practical business-building educational modules designed to fit into agents’ busy schedules.
“While our focus has been real estate education, and e-learning specifically, we’ve done pretty much everything there is to be done in real estate. We’ve developed everything from continuing education (CE), certification and designation programing, in addition to conducting new member orientation programs and Code of Ethics management,” says Steinbrecher, who goes on to explain that the idea behind Hiveologie was to build highly practical solutions complete with integrated elements so that agents and brokers could navigate the challenges of the market and focus on business success.
Today, Steinbrecher is working with ShelterZoom to develop a Web3.0 education component designed to address the changing technology landscape and highlight business opportunities.
“We have a really exciting Web3 program coming in conjunction with our experts Amy Chorew, Damon Jones and Steve Bintz,” says Steinbrecher. “And ShelterZoom will be helping us with the content, providing a deeper understanding of the blockchain-based solutions available.”
The training program, designed for agents with varying degrees of experience in the area of blockchain, includes free resources, virtual and on-demand workshops, access to a Web3 real estate community and a six-hour crypto and blockchain bootcamp.
The partnership materialized when Steinbrecher met Allen Alishahi, co-founder and president of ShelterZoom, and the two bonded over their shared commitment toward educating agents to help them understand the transition.
“For the most part, ShelterZoom has solutions that are blockchain-based, and they really try to be a leader in the space, as do we. When we began talking, it became clear that it would be a great fit,” says Steinbrecher, who can’t say enough about the ideas and solutions that have been brought to the table as the two companies, and their content experts, work together to deliver something truly exciting to real estate agents.
“For me, the most important thing is that agents understand why this matters, and why blockchain, crypto and other Web3 tech, is changing the industry,” says Steinbrecher.
One of the most obvious examples centers around smart contracts, where things are more secure, and people can share documentation in a very different way. ShelterZoom’s marketing elements also stand to be a huge plus in terms of getting information in front of those who need it with benefits only blockchain can provide.
“The core of this is a combination of proptech and fintech elements,” says Steinbrecher. “Our goal is to create something that makes this seem as approachable as possible in order to show agents that it’s really not that scary.”
Together, the team is creating a series of free content assets—guides, infographics, video explainers—all of which will be available through Hiveologie’s website.
“The next step will be producing the courses,” says Steinbrecher, beginning with a workshop that will be available on-demand or as a live virtual event and a full crypto and blockchain bootcamp.
“We’re pulling real-time data for real estate agents to learn everything they can and help support their learning path. We want to be able to feed the right information from those who are successfully using Web3 in their business to people who aren’t quite at that level to help them in their business and to help us create the right content in our next iteration,” concludes Steinbrecher.
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