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Littleton, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
Littleton, MA, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — JETCOOL Technologies Inc., a leader in performance compute liquid cooling, released its guide on water cooling versus immersion cooling for bitcoin mining. The guide, “Water Cooling vs. Immersion Cooling: 5 Reasons Water Cooling is the Better Choice for Bitcoin Miners,” provides a comprehensive overview of the advantages closed-looped water cooling has over immersion cooling for those looking to improve their bitcoin mining operations.
“This guide outlines the key reasons water cooling is a superior solution for bitcoin mining,” said JetCool Technologies Founder and CEO, Bernie Malouin. “From efficiency and sustainability to flexibility and overclocking, closed-loop water cooling that uses microconvective cooling® technology offers miners several advantages over immersion cooling. We’re excited to share this guide with the mining community and help miners make the best decision for their operation.”
Immersion cooling has taken off in the bitcoin mining world to improve performance. However, closed-loop water cooling provides a number of advantages that immersion cooling cannot match. JetCool’s simple, scalable, and sustainable closed-loop water cooling solution enables bitcoin miners to work at 20% lower temperatures while using 50% less energy than immersion cooling. JetCool will be exhibiting its latest product offering at the Mining Disrupt conference in Miami on July 27th and 28th. Learn more about the benefits of closed-loop water cooling for bitcoin mining, and read the complete guide here.
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