iPhone 13 Pro vs. Pixel 6 Pro: what 2,000 photos tell us


When the iPhone 13 Pro launched earlier this fall, we said it had the “best camera” in a smartphone. The larger sensor behind the main wide-angle lens coupled with a wider f/1.5 aperture left us saying, “Whoa, look at this photo,” more often than we were used to. But a few weeks later, Google’s Pixel 6 Pro, with its 50-megapixel sensor that is hard-coded to produce 12.5-megapixel images, was finally released, proving a worthy competitor for the iPhone 13 Pro’s 12-megapixel camera.

The camera system on the iPhone 13 Pro is a major upgrade.
The Pixel 6 Pro has a massive 6.7-inch screen.

So this year, in order to settle the score, I set out to take 1,000 photos on each device. I carried them…

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