New Delhi: As part of their global initiative to create quality & competent educators, CENTA (The Centre for Teacher Accreditation), India’s largest community of teachers, has partnered with CANVA, a global visual communications platform, to launch a unique design challenge for teachers in India. The initiative aims to tap the creative aspect of every teacher in designing ingenious tools for use in online classrooms.
The global education sector has undergone a massive change due to the pandemic outbreak and led to a total paradigm shift in the methods of conventional classroom teaching. The global teachers’ community had to face the initial challenges of technology being treated as part of a regular classroom routine. However, with multiple advancements, the teachers have been trained & equipped to use the tech tools effectively to ensure knowledge doesn’t pause.
With the adoption of online classes, the teachers have become some of the most significant digital creators of content, educating students in the virtual edu-space. In this challenge, all full-time teachers (from primary to senior high schools) across India can conceptualize and later submit the design layout that focuses on what #CreativityinClassroom implies. One can use various infographics and posters in presentation or video formats available on Canva for Education.
Speaking about the collaboration, Ramya Venkataraman, Founder and CEO of CENTA, said, “We are excited to partner with CANVA as it will help the educators with unique design challenges. Through this partnership, we aim at equipping them for effective communication in today’s virtual world. CANVA’s expertise in design communication will help make it engaging yet fun, and we are seeing great response from the teacher community. Among other skills, CENTA supports teachers in a design-thinking approach towards the new-age classroom to make teaching-learning more interactive and immersive.”
The evaluation process for this challenge is based on the tools used by teachers to give a creative outcome to the challenge, which will bear an impact on students. The creative inspiration behind the design will also be considered during the assessment. The rewards and recognitions are primarily based on a teacher’s rank. These consist of subscriptions to Canva for Education for their respective Kindles or schools, recognition certificates, an invitation to Canva for Teachers, Instax camera, Facebook community, among other exciting rewards.
Since the Covid-19 outbreak, most educational institutions and schools worldwide have swiftly adopted the hybrid education model. Creativity in the education system, since then, has evolved as an imperative factor to make students future-ready.
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Steps to follow to participate in CANVA_CENTA’s design challenge-
Log on to
Make an account on using your email address.
Choose from multiple templates for Cards, Presentations, Posters, Infographics, and several other formats.
Construct your design established on the hook #CreativityinClassroom.
Submit your design link straight in the Application Form.
Remember to comprise a few lines about your design, including what it means to you and how it relates to the hook.
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