Intel apologizes to China for following US sanctions targeting Xinjiang ‘genocide’

intel apologizes to china for following us sanctions targeting xinjiang ‘genocide’

China accounts for a quarter of Intel’s global revenue. | Credit: Xing Yun / Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Intel has issued an apology to partners and customers in China after it told local suppliers it would not be using labor or goods sourced from the country’s Xinjiang region. The company has deleted the statement that resulted in the original backlash.

International trade with Xinjiang is restricted by numerous governments including the US over Chinese treatment of the region’s minority Muslim Uyghur population. Earlier this month, the US passed a ban on imports from Xinjiang unless companies can prove that goods have been created without the use of forced labor. The US government has described the repression of the minority Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang as a “genocide.”

In its annual letter to suppliers, Intel said it was “required” to…

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