Instagram’s new Reels Visual Replies are just another feature copied from TikTok

instagram’s new reels visual replies are just another feature copied from tiktok

It looks familiar… | Image: Instagram

Instagram has added another strikingly familiar feature to Reels: the ability to add a user comment to a video (via TechCrunch). Now, if a user comments on a reel you’ve posted, tapping the “reply” button will let you add a sticker of the comment into a new reel, which you can then move around or change its color.

As Twitter users pointed out in the comments of Instagram’s announcement post, the feature is very similar to how TikTok lets you do video replies. As of now, it seems limited to just comments on your reels — I wasn’t able to make stickers out of comments on photo posts or comments on other peoples’ reels.

Tapping reply on a comment, then tapping the camera button adds that comment as a sticker in a new reel.

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