Instagram Live widely releases a new way to support creators

instagram live widely releases a new way to support creators

Viewers can buy badges, and they’ll appear next to their names in the comments. | Image: Meta

Today, Instagram is officially launching its Badges feature, which gives viewers a way to pay and support creators on Instagram Live. Although the feature has been in testing for around a year and a half on an invite-only basis, starting today Instagram will allow any eligible creators on the platform to apply for the feature. Once accepted, viewers will be able to purchase “Badges” during a creator’s livestream to support them financially.

Badges are available in three different levels, costing $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99, and show up as one, two, or three hearts next to a commenter’s name during a livestream. Any questions or comments posted by a badge owner will be shown more prominently to a creator, and their Instagram name will appear…

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