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If you want to create your own infographic, you can easily do so using Visme.
In Visme, creating infographics is a breeze because:
Check out this video to find out how you can create an infographic in Visme.

Additionally, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an infographic using Visme’s drag-and-drop editor and premade templates.
The first step is to sign up on Visme and choose a template to get started with.
Browse through hundreds of free and premium infographic templates inside the dashboard to find one that works best with your content and purpose.
When you find one you like, hover on it and click “Edit.”
When you finally select a template to edit, you’ll be taken to the Visme editor.
This is where you get to customize the infographic with your own colors, fonts, text, images, icons and much more and make it entirely your own.
Exciting, right? The best part is, all of this takes literally a few minutes because of the drag-and-drop editor.
In fact, you can change the entire color scheme of your infographic in one go using our preset color themes.
You can also add links and animations, upload your own brand assets, add data visualizations like charts and graphs, and add new content blocks to extend your infographic.
That’s it—you’re almost done!
After you’ve finished customizing your infographic, it’s time to download it or share it with your audience in a variety of ways.
You can either download it for offline use in image, PDF or HTML5 formats. Or generate a link to share it privately with specific people.
You can also embed it on your website or blog using a responsive code, or publish it on the web so anyone can search for and access it.
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Mahnoor Sheikh is the content marketing manager at Visme. She has years of experience in content strategy and execution, SEO copywriting and graphic design. She is also the founder of MASH Content and is passionate about tea, kittens and traveling with her husband. Get in touch with her on LinkedIn.
Infographics have exploded in popularity in virtually every industry.
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