Infographic: Top 10 Countries for Digital Nomads Hunting for a Visa – Nearshore Americas

The age of the digital nomads is upon us, and governments throughout the world are jumping at the opportunity of attracting working, travel-starved foreigners with disposable income into their shores.
Latin American and Caribbean countries are now involved in a dance to become the most attractive destination for digital nomads, launching visa programs specifically designed to attract remote-working foreigners.
Given the wealth of options available in the region, NSAM came up with a list of the 10 best destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean for digital nomads hunting for a visa.
Each country was included and ranked considering several factors relevant for anyone who expects to do remote work from another country: cost of living, Internet speed, visa requirements and paperwork, transport options, city safety, and more.
You’ll find the list below, displayed in the form of an infographic. Pros and cons for each country can be found next to their respective entry.
infographic: top 10 countries for digital nomads hunting for a visa – nearshore americas
Cesar is the Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. He’s a journalist based in Mexico City, with experience covering foreign trade policy, agribusiness and the food industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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