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Peak, a leader in Decision Intelligence (DI), released a new “State of AI, 2022” report highlighting that a number of organizations are making investments in both data and AI – without connecting the two. Surveying 775 decision makers (senior managers and above) from the US, UK or India, the report further reveals that when businesses are failing to prepare their data for future AI adoption, they risk needing to retrofit their infrastructure later down the road.
Alarmingly, 97% of respondents stated that their business has or intends to implement a data strategy, yet only 35% of those say it includes plans to facilitate AI. Businesses are failing to realize they’ll eventually need AI to remain future-proof, especially in this volatile environment.
Key findings below:
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In this special guest feature, Dan O’Connell, Chief Strategy Officer and a board member at Dialpad, takes a look at what will happen to organizations as they roll out real-time data capabilities this year– they’ll discover new ways to scale faster, fresh ideas to improve operations, and novel ways to reduce friction.

This white paper by enterprise search specialists Lucidworks, discusses how data is eating the world and search is the key to finding the data you need. The enterprise search industry is consolidating and moving to technologies built around Lucene and Solr. In the next few years we’ll see nearly all search become voice, conversational, and predictive. Search will surround everything we do and the right combination of signal capture, machine learning, and rules are essential to making that work. Fortunately, much of the technology to drive this is available to us today!
infographic: state of ai 2022 – insidebigdata
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