Infographic: See how Spurs fought harder for it to beat West Ham – The Boy Hotspur

Whilst West Ham were almost certainly feeling the after-effects of their foray into Europe, yesterday, it ought to be noted that Tottenham really fought for their win.
If we look at both sides’ duels, it becomes obvious that the visitors came off second best in the various duelling subdivisions, all bar intensity.
Individually, it was Eric Dier, Cuti Romero, and Rodrigo Bentancur who led the line with 70%, 71%, and 69% success, respectively.
The most effective duellists for West Ham only managed a 50% success rate.
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I remember when we had the Thurs night hangover on a Sunday. Am I sorry for them ? Nope not one bit
I remember one particular Sunday afternoon in a bookies during the 2015-16 season. We had played in the Europa on Thursday, I believe. Anyway, on the Sunday we were hosting Newcastle and expected to win. At half time, we’re a goal up and this punter has a bet on Newcastle winning.
In the second period, Newcastle grab an equalizer and just before the end, to the frustration of this punter, they either miss a sitter or have a goal chalked off, I can’t remember exactly. He’s cursing his luck, but, wait, there’s still time for one more effort and this time the ball ends up in the back of our net and the Geordies have beaten us. The punter won two hundred pounds?
We had been cruising but ended up losing! Our Thursday night, Sunday problem contributed to our losing the league (in my view, we should have used the Europa for giving our peripheral, squad players a game) while Leicester had the ideal set up of one game per week. Same thing happened again the next season with Chelsea – absent from Europe – playing the one game a week, while we continued with our Thursday/Sunday problem.
In fact, Leicester, a shade unfortunate to only draw with us in the Cup at WHL, made something like ten changes for the replay, which we won comfortably, while Leicester, throwing all their eggs in one basket, decided to focus on winning the league!
Yes, there was a real intensity to our game which is starting to become a staple of our performances under Antonio. I would also add that Cuti Romero, plus the two new recruits, Kulusevski and Bentancur, have really contributed to the upward curve of the team performance wise. All three are physical players with superior technical ability to the players they have supplanted, in the case of Romero for Sanchez and Bentancur for Winks and in the case of Lucas, whereas he has excellent technique, he lacks the physicality and the defensive work ethic of Kulusevski.
It will just be our luck that Kane gets injured on International duty.I am sick of these International breaks. We have Liverpool away in April but the rest of our games look winnable.Arsenal have Chelsea away, Man Utd at home and West Ham in April. It could all come down to our match at home against Arsenal.
I completely agree regarding the international breaks. Something has to be done about international football during the season. It is so obvious that internationals should all be played at the end of the season. The season would finish two months earlier and people would enjoy watching it as an extension of the season rather than seeing it as an inferior alternative during the season. The under 21 national team could still play during the season if it is really necessary for the international managers to have something to do other than watching players.
It would help the international team managers to assess who should be in the squads due to their form over the whole season and who is injured etc. No conflict of interests between club and country as the season is finished and only players who are fit to play could be selected.
It’s a real no brainer tbh. All that is needed for this to become reality would be for FIFA to line up all the international calendars.
ROMERO , KULUSEVIC AND THE EYE-CATCHING BETANTCUR HAVE BROUGHT A COLLECTIVE EDGE TO OUR GAME . FORMER PLAYERS ALLI , NDOMBELE , LO CELSO , GIL ET AL DID NOT HAVE THAT , OR AT LEAST ONLY VERY OCCASIONALLY . In simple terms , when the new boys are in possession I feel safe . For sure they are making the odd mistake , but we at last have the attitude that we are not the inferior team and certainly not JUST counter attack .
Our “spine” looks strong currently , most fans would probably expect the team is built around Lloris , Romero & Dier , Hojberg & Betantcur , Kane & Son and if that is the case it suggests that its wing backs are the ones , if they step up , who could make or break us . Obviously a world class centre /mid gen would be icing on the cake .
We’re Spurs , strength of mind never been a trait , but Conte is building and right now I think we are improving physically & mentally …………………….C O Y S !!!!!!!
Some improvement but lots to go.
Hojberg is inferior to Bentancur and needs replacing for an Eriksen mk2.
Loris is past his best. Doherty and Royal are disasters on the right. Davies is weak. Several still need moving on including those mentioned above, plus Winks, Rodin, Clark, the loanees, Bergwjein, Sanchez.
need about 5 real quality signings if we truly want to move forward.
Doherty has four assists and one goal. Gives the ball away but he does have the elusive end product.