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10 January 2022
The UK has been a driving force for green industries, helping to develop new projects and creating a host of job opportunities. Investing in jobs that will help the UK meet its Net Zero carbon emissions target for 2050 will help deliver the government’s “levelling-up” agenda by setting the groundwork for sustainable and resilient economic growth. The future of work lies in creating a Net Zero Workforce, which encourages greener and cleaner practices while also developing innovative technologies for the next generation.
In time for post-COP26 talks, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has created a Net Zero Jobs infographicvisualising our potential careers of the future.
The green collar revolution
The prime minister’s Ten Point Plan for the “green industrial revolution” is a landmark for the future of sustainable development, supporting up to 250,000 highly skilled green jobs in the UK by 2030. It’s not just job titles that are evolving; careers themselves are in flux across all sectors and industries. 
The future of medtech
The Green Collar Revolution supports science and technology-related roles, opening up many opportunities for the medical technology industry.
Medical technology is the field of healthcare that deals with the development, use, or evaluation of new or improved technologies and methods to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease and illness. Its purpose is considered revolutionary in the medical field and encourages a prosperous working relationship between the medical world and the engineering world combining health and technology respectively.
The future of the medtech industry is bright and sustainable. A new era in medicine, driven by technological innovation and continuous research has given rise to exciting innovations like personalised treatments for chronic ailments as well as more advanced surgical techniques that can be performed remotely. Innovative companies are using data analysis and cutting-edge technology to create sustainable solutions that improve patient care whilst saving time and money in healthcare facilities.
The need for eco manufacturing practices is more pressing than ever, and medical devices are no exception. The growing demand for green practices within the medical industry, including multiplexing and 3D printing, will accelerate over the next 10 years; the United Nations has created a collaboration that aims to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in time for 2030. 
Net Zero Jobs
The Net Zero emissions target will transform how we work and create wealth. In addition to the medtech revolution, here are nine jobs from various industries that UKRI predicts your company will need by 2030…
A stem-cell biologist
Net Zero transformation advisor
Net Zero education officer
Drone satellite engineer
Net Zero dietician
Digital carbon trader
Vertical farmer
Floating wind turbine engineer
Sustainability consumer labelling designer
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10 January 2022
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