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When it comes to taxes, many adults believe their knowledge is solid. Retirement planning and investing? That’s a little more shaky. And when it comes to cryptocurrency, all four generations in the workforce say that’s the financial area they know least about. But surprisingly, the three younger generations — Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z – fully expect cryptocurrency to yield the greatest returns for their retirement accounts, according to a new survey by Investopedia.
But who invests in cryptocurrency now? And aside from the DOL’s caution to advisors and sponsors about crypto in 401(k)s, what reasons do people give for not investing in it? A new survey on behalf of StarkNet attempts to read the crypto pulse of Americans.
C.J. Marwitz, editor, writes and acquires content for the retirement advisor/plan sponsor audience at BenefitsPRO. Marwitz also considers contributed bylines on 401(k)s, pensions, financials with a DE&I focus, litigation, regulation, best practices and op-eds.  A former technology editor, advertising copywriter, and academic advisor, Marwitz is the mother of three and walker/stick-thrower to a Welsh Corgi named Leeloo Dallas Multipass.
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