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Two years ago at this time, the forecast for retirement plans was grim: Employees would drain their 401(k)s, and millions of Americans would stop contributing to their retirement plans as their employers halted their match. Now that the 2020 plan year data is in, says analyst Eric Ryles of ALM Global’s intelligence team, Judy Diamond Associates, we see it confirming some predictions, but also offering some surprises.
C.J. Marwitz, editor, writes and acquires content for the retirement advisor/plan sponsor audience at BenefitsPRO. Marwitz also considers contributed bylines on 401(k)s, pensions, financials with a DE&I focus, litigation, regulation, best practices and op-eds.  A former technology editor, advertising copywriter, and academic advisor, Marwitz is the mother of three and walker/stick-thrower to a Welsh Corgi named Leeloo Dallas Multipass.
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