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The smart wearables market is a vast section as most people would treat smart bands, smartwatch-like bands, and actual smartwatches under the category of just “smartwatches” and I don’t blame them because a true smartwatch is much more capable than the budget picks and with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series products, they are now better than ever.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Infographic
With an enlarged size compared to the previous generation, the BioActive Sensor is now greater in its job of measuring various fitness parameters with the usual heart rate and blood oxygen levels being the bread and butter while the much more useful Sleep Coaching and Body Composition can vastly improve the experience of a controlled lifestyle in order to make the body healthy again.
It definitely looks and feels better thanks to the Sapphire Crystal layered AMOLED display and the larger battery life is super welcomed, especially for a smartwatch that needs to recharge almost every single day. Any bit of extra juice is appreciated.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Infographic
Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro doubles down on the active lifestyle perspective by adding additional features like Route Workout to help users set up a whole route while guiding them turn by turn with vibrations and voice cues. Additionally, users can make it back to start safely without losing their way back.
And the design is a little bit different as well because it is much more premium thanks to the titanium body with D-Buckle sport band to keep it durable and lowkey stylish.
To see them for real, I suggest you check out our initial hands-on video.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series smartwatches are now available for preorder on Samsung’s official website. (Click here for Galaxy Watch5 Pro)
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