INFOGRAPHIC: Excessive Executive Compensation – California Faculty Association

In July, CSU Trustees approved massive raises for campus presidents, despite the many examples of failed campus leadership.
To understand what was deemed “equitable” for your campus president, see the infographic below.
CSU presidents have failed faculty, staff, and students through the mishandling of Title IX cases on our campuses, the abuse of militarized university police power, and the underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous, and people of color faculty and counselors in this system.
Anti-Black racism went unabated, ignored, and – in some cases — rewarded.
At Cal State LA, current president Bill Covino decided to retire after the end of this school year. This comes months after the Cal State LA Academic Senate overwhelmingly passed a no confidence vote of their president, with 91 percent of voting senators approving. The vote happened less than two weeks after the targeted and brutal removal of esteemed campus and community leader, Dr. Melina Abdullah, from a campus event by armed university police officers.
Before announcing his retirement, CSU Trustees rewarded Covino with more than $100,000 in raises.
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