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Flip phones are the pinnacle of the phone era to some people and it seems that Samsung is siding on that opinion as well with the continuous support of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series via the latest release, the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G.
Galaxy Z Flip4 Infographic
As such, the 4th installment of the Galaxy Z Flip family is still filling the same role as in “the device that earns style points” as it is basically a standard candy bar form factor smartphone but with a flexible screen. But because of the flexible display, it makes several things only achievable with it such as the FlexCam feature lettings users take photos at normally impossible angles. Adding the aspect of improved computing hardware, one can easily daily drive the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G for years to come.
The cover screen also got a huge improvement in terms of streamlining the number of functions you can access via the little screen which now includes checking notifications and replying on the spot, quick settings panel for easy toggling on things like Wi-Fi, flashlight, and more. If needed, control all your smart gadgets by quick-launching the SmartThings app and taking over any smart appliances in your home.
You may check out the hands-on video on our other website to find out more about it.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G is now available for preorder on Samsung’s official website.
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