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How much do you know about the different types of salad leaves? Many people have heard of iceberg lettuce or rocket, but what about oakleaf, celtuce, or escarole? Different cuisines make use of different varieties, and knowing about salad leaf types can help you turn boring, routine salads into exciting plates of food that you’ll look forward to eating. 
To help guide you, we’ve put together this infographic highlighting 12 kinds of salad leaf, including those you may not be so familiar with. We also drill down into their flavour profiles, how to spot them and the best ways to eat them. Say goodbye to dull salads with this handy salad leaf infographic.
Now you have the knowledge of different types of salad leaves, why not put it to good use by following these salad recipes from Michelin-starred chefs, including the likes of Massimo Bottura and Gordon Ramsay? This is salad-making taken to the next level and a great way to do more with greens. 
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