Four steps to passwordless authentication
Everyone hates passwords, but they persist despite years of talk about replacing them. Fortunately, the security industry is aggressively pushing to make passwords a thing of the past.
Problem to solve:
“Most schemes do better than passwords on security. … Some schemes do better and some worse on usability. But every scheme does worse than passwords on deployability.” – University of Cambridge
Moving the needle with FIDO2:
The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance brought passwordless authentication closer to reality in 2018 with the FIDO2 open-source online authentication standard. Ping Identity is one security company already offering a four-step plan to establish passwordless authentication for employees and customers. The first step is achieved by using its technology:
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Victoria Willis is an editor for SC Media.

The criminal group researchers are calling “Ducktail” phishes employees with access with malware stored on filesharing websites, using lures targeted to the business.

Here’s a five-point plan for making the transition to zero-trust.

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