India will get this $87 JioPhone Next instead of the Pixel 6

india will get this $87 jiophone next instead of the pixel 6

The new JioPhone Next is a collaboration between Google and Indian telecom Jio Platforms. | Jio Platforms

Google and Indian telecom company Jio Platforms finally unveiled their budget smartphone for India on Friday, the JioPhone Next. The phone is designed as an affordable 4G device to serve “the unique needs of the Indian consumer,” Android India engineering lead Ram Papatla said in a blog post.

India won’t be getting Google’s new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and those phones’ premium prices put them out of reach of many smartphone consumers in the country. But Google and Jio have designed this new device as a more affordable 4G option. It’s priced at 1,999 Indian rupees, or $87, and is available at Jio Mart retailers in India or on Jio’s website.

The JioPhone runs Pragati OS, which Google says is an optimized version of Android, and can access apps…

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