In Animal Crossing, holiday shopping is ‘Nook Friday,’ not Black Friday

in animal crossing

Today through November 30th (next Tuesday), some of our favorite virtual shopkeepers are having a “Nook Friday” sale in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (via Eurogamer). If you’ve been drawn back in by the game’s recent update, it could be a chance to save 30 percent on items for your island or on in-game gifts — I’m currently trying to decide whether my wife would rather have a virtual train set, or a real-life air fryer.

In the spirit of the holidays, you could also pick up some virtual presents for friends, particularly if Timmy and Tommy stock items you know would fit perfectly in their kitchen (a room they may actually use now thanks to the new cooking mechanic). You can check out our sister site Polygon’s full guide to mailing gifts…

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