Importance of designing for security – Electropages

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Mouser has released the latest chapter of its award-winning Empowering Innovation Together program. In this episode, it explores the importance of integrating security into every stage of the design process, beginning with architecture selection and component choice. The third instalment provides a wide variety of content, including a new Then, Now and Next video, blog, article, infographic and a new episode of The Tech Between Us podcast.
This newest topic in the program provides a timely look at the increasingly critical role of designing with security in mind, including available hardware features, the latest software tools and techniques, and stand-alone security products.
“Connected devices continue to be high-risk targets for security threats. Whether in connected vehicles, smart homes or wearables, engineers are increasingly implementing security from the ground up in their designs,” says Glenn Smith, president and CEO of Mouser. “With this latest EIT episode, we shine a light on some of the latest security practices to help engineers as they safeguard their designs.”
In a new episode of the Tech Between Us podcast, Alan Grau, vice president of Sales and Business Development for PQShield, joins Mouser’s director of Technical Content, Raymond Yin, for a conversation about security trends such as authentication for embedded systems, securing wireless links for data transmission and the products and tools available to engineers for secure environment design.
“As the technologies behind our connected devices become more advanced, so do efforts to thwart the robust systems securing those devices,” says Grau. “I’m excited to speak with Raymond about the next generation of security practices, including post-quantum cryptography, and hope that our conversation gives designers a jumping-off point for designing with security in mind.”
The third instalment will also provide two articles aimed at the IoT trusted zone and the key to embedded security, as well as an infographic highlighting security’s critical role in connected vehicles.
The instalment is sponsored by the company’s valued manufacturer partners Analog Devices, Infineon Technologies, Microchip Technology, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics and Xilinx.
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