Illustration Masterclass – Winter Monster Character Design

illustration masterclass – winter monster character design

Illustration Masterclass – Winter Monster Character Design
#digitalart #drawing #illustration
Join Kyle T. Webster for this Adobe Illustration Masterclass episode focused on original character design tips and tricks in Photoshop.


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00:00 Start
03:42 Winter Monster Character Design – paper texture
06:43 Design elements – sticks, clumpy snow, ice
11:20 Selecting brushes for the designs
16:47 Designing with the Symmetry Tool in Photoshop
20:49 Flushing out the character design details
25:39 Detailing ice and snowy lumps
27:25 Adding “stick” details to the monster’s back
35:37 Staring another iteration of the Winter Monster
40:18 Detailing and how Kyle is generating ideas
44:22 Monster head detail
49:08 Adding branching “stick” details to the head
52:56 Finding Kyle’s brushes
55:10 Creating a ¾ view of the Winter Monster