Illustration Masterclass – New Photoshop Brushes for 2022

Illustration Masterclass – New Photoshop Brushes for 2022
#digitalart #adobefresco #Photoshop
Join Kyle T. Webster (@kyletwebster) for an in-depth look at the newest brush set update for Photoshop and Fresco users: the Winter 2022 brushes.


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00:00 Start
01:30 Kyle’s 2022 Winter Brush Set
08:32 Demo of Tree Stack brush
13:05 Creating new brushes by adjusting settings
17:21 Demo of making a landscape w/ trees
21:04 Creating patterns using the Winter 2022 brushes
24:11 Tree Stack 04 brush demo
32:47 Demo of Tree Stack 05 – triangle character
37:25 Demo of Tree Stack 06
41:09 Multiple demos of Tree Stack 09 -11
46:15 Demo of Tilty Pencil brushes
51:07 Kid w/ sled demo of various brushes
53:43 Winter Background brushes