Illustrating Robot Characters with Spencer Nugent
Join illustrator and industrial designer Spencer Nugent for an interactive session of designing robot characters in Adobe Fresco. Tune in, get your questions answered and give Spencer your suggestions while he creates a unique character!

Guest Spencer Nugent is an illustrator and industrial designer who streams frequently as Sketch a Day:

Host Daniel Flores (DTM, DaCreativeGenius) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, GA:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:25 Intro to Spencer’s work
07:03 Warm ups
10:49 Fresco brushes
15:27 Spencer’s technical background – robot character concept
21:43 Rough thumbnails – finding shapes that work as features
26:46 Scaling and editing the sketches
30:28 Planning in perspective for the character
34:49 Drawing with the blue pencil – character in perspective
38:01 Taking 2D drawings to 3D drawings
40:51 Altering the character shapes – tweaking the design
45:22 Refining the sketch with a red pencil
49:13 Exaggerating perspective
52:58 Spencer discusses 50/50 Creative Labs
55:25 Working on the back angle of the character
58:20 Refining the sketch with the blue pencil
1:03:25 The origins of
1:06:47 Changing canvas size in Fresco – unlimited layers
1:08:41 Spencer starts his painting process – color blocking
1:13:06 Fresco’s color palettes
1:15:40 Working with layer order in Fresco
1:19:46 Continuing with blocking – adding color separations
1:25:15 Layer management
1:32:58 Adding details to the blocking
1:37:38 Refining details
1:40:39 Beginning to paint highlights and shadows
1:49:35 Focusing on painting the back view
1:54:20 Wrap-up