Ikea’s gaming range consists of over 30 products. | Image: Ikea

Ikea’s lineup of gaming-themed furniture and accessories now has official pricing and a global release date: October. The lineup first came to China earlier this year as a collaboration with Asus and its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand.

Pricing for the lineup ranges from cheap desk accessories like a $10 cup holder or $12.99 mouse bungee, all the way up to gaming chairs costing between $69 and $349, and a $599 standing desk. Oh, and that wooden hand designed to gently cradle your headphones and other accessories? That’ll set you back $24.99.

Image: Ikea

A mouse bungee to tidy away your mouse’s cabling.

Image: Ikea

A ring light to keep you lit, plus a phone holder to keep you in frame.


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