iFixit teardown of the 2021 MacBook Pro reveals easier battery swaps

ifixit teardown of the 2021 macbook pro reveals easier battery swaps

The trackpad has to be removed to reveal two of the pull tabs | Image: iFixit

Online tech repair guide and parts retailer iFixit has published its latest teardown for the new 2021 MacBook Pro and reveals at least one small win for reparability: the ability to replace the battery pack modules.

The battery modules in the new MacBook Pros, much like many mobile devices, are now attached via adhesive strips with pull tabs. This makes it easier to remove them, as long as none of the tabs rip while pulling. The trackpad needs to also be carefully removed to reach the remaining pull tabs.

Image: iFixit

Batteries in MacBook Pros used to have their own frame or shell, which made them easier to install or remove via screws or locking tabs (although that takes more interior space). Starting in 2012,…

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