Hyundai’s restomod Grandeur is the perfect EV for a supervillain

hyundai’s restomod grandeur is the perfect ev for a supervillain

Image: Hyundai

As someone who only dabbles in car culture, I usually find concepts to be more weird than enticing — but this is absolutely not the case for Hyundai’s Heritage Series Grandeur EV, which goes with an incredible retro aesthetic, rather than an alien future one. While Hyundai says that the car is made to celebrate the anniversary of its flagship sedan launched in the mid-‘80s, there’s only one thing that springs to mind when looking at it: that it would be the perfect vehicle for a supervillain.

To be clear, I don’t mean a Marvel-style antagonist with supernatural powers. I mean a Gordan Gekko-esque SOB; someone rich enough to shape the future or bend the ear of bought-off politicians. The car’s blacked-out windows, solid hubcaps, and…

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