Huawei’s Nova 9 is its latest smartphone to launch globally sans Google

huawei’s nova 9 is its latest smartphone to launch globally sans google

Huawei’s Nova 9. | Image: Huawei

Huawei’s Nova 9 is getting a global launch just under a month after the phone was announced for the Chinese market, the company said today. Huawei characterizes the Nova 9 as a “flagship smartphone for the younger generation,” compared to its Mate series (high-tech and premium) and P-series (photography) lineups.

The company also gave an update on the global release status of the P50, the flagship phone Huawei announced for the domestic Chinese market in July. The company says the P50 will release outside of China in 2022, which will come roughly two years after the release of its predecessor, the P40.

Thanks to Huawei’s ongoing presence on the USA’s entity list, the Nova 9 will once again ship without Google’s apps or services,…

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