HP announces new Elitebooks with Ryzen Pro 6000 processors and 16:10 screens

hp announces new elitebooks with ryzen pro 6000 processors and 16:10 screens

HP’s new Elitebooks have AMD’s latest mobile processors. | Image: HP

HP has announced a redesign of its Elitebook 805 laptops, which will soon include AMD’s Ryzen Pro 6000 processors and screens with the taller-than-standard 16:10 aspect ratio appreciated by businesspeople who spend their days scrolling through documents. HP has also announced a new Elitebook 605 series, which comes equipped with more mundane processors and screens (though for IT departments buying dozens at a time, that’s probably not such a bad thing).

This year’s Elitebook 805 G9 laptops come in three variations: the 835, 845, and 865. The middle number refers to the laptop’s screen size: the 835 has a 13.3-inch screen, the 845 has a 14-inch screen, and the 865 has a 16-inch screen, which is a new option for the series. Specs-wise, the…

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